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The English - a view from Scotland A tax Haven - part 2

Interview: Jasper Gerard talks to Sean Connery - Sunday Times - Times Online

I've a wee issue with the English

And If I said I have a wee problem with whining expat Sweaties I suppose I would be racist...


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Connery is a moron! End of story. He talks shite about being a scotch nationalist; but does he live in scotland? The excuse for not living there is... journalists would follow him around if he were to return. Oh for crying out loud, STFU you old coot. It isnt like sean connery couldnt afford to hire several huge bodyguards.
Also, he whines that he only wants scotland to be "equal". Obviously sean either doesnt keep up with what is actually going on in the "united" kingdom OR he is deliberately acting dumb! Either way, he is a fuckwit!

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