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Pecunia non olet

Telegraph | News | Labour MPs' fury over 'loans for peerages'

Cash for Honours - what a surprise!

Strange it is only Labour MPs who are kicking up about this, but then Labour MPs seem to be the only opposition party in Parliament these days. One bunch briefing against Tony because they want him gone as quickly as possible and without his "legacy", the other bunch briefing against Gordon as they can't stand him. All the blather about the English Parliament has blown up now as a stick to beat Gordon with, I'm happy to join in, but don't forget why it has suddenly appeared as an issue.


I think they're making a stink about it because they know the people who vote for them probably aren't going to vote for them again. The new labour voters are going to think what is the difference between new labour and the tories if this is true?
I think the tories are being quiet because new labour are just going to say well you dont have a leg to stand on. Look what you did when you were in power?
Also, i think new labour would rather be screaming about this than talking about the English parliament issue. It's like a smokescreen

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