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Soon only panty liners will have wings

Scotsman.com News - UK - Para recruits 'not trained to jump'

FEWER than one in four new recruits to the Parachute Regiment are being trained to jump because of a shortage of planes.
The number of trainees completing the parachute course at Brize Norton and gaining the coveted "wings" and red beret has fallen from 93 per cent in 2003 to just under a quarter last year.
The figures are even worse for Territorial Army paratroopers with only one weekend soldier - a medical student who reported sick and was granted extra time off - passing the test with the adequate jumps last year.

"Red Bull gives you wings" I believe the advert says - more than the MOD does then...


Maybe I can sell my old 'wings' on ebay now that they are becoming a little rare!

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