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March 14th - Today's the day!

Steak and Blowjob Day

See below for a picture of what I'm hoping for!



I've just sent the Missus out to get me a fillet....
and I can't wait for tonight!!!

Whoever thought of this is an absolute bleeding genius!

...... Anthough, a Steak, Blowjob, Scalextric, Beer, Footy on the Telly and a Really Nice Shag day is a bit of an improvement....

Sod it! Why did I have to go and open your blog with my other half standing next to me? Me thinks it might be a case of aching jaw tonight! ~Sharon

Actually, 3.14 is actually PI day.

Just in case anyway of your female readers need any 'tips' (phinnar phinnar)


I hope you all enjoy the evening, I'm just worried for Mr FM's dog...

Well it was Pasta Bake for Dinner tonight so I don't think I'm in luck..

Damn, totally forgot about that what with being up at the RCJ.

If I had remembered, the Judge might have dropped the case in my favour by now....

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