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A Question for Mr FM

Do you agree .that 357 is better than 38 for drilling holes in an old oil tank?
Image taken on 14/3/2006 15:40

See how the .38 specials don't penetrate the tank whereas the .357 FMJs make nice holes to let the oily crap out, having just taken that nice close up for you the tank exploded ripping the side off.
Image taken on 14/3/2006 15:42


Englishman - stop messing about with those pistol loads - .308 will do a proper job! I also think that you need to check the terms of your FAC & see if that weapon is in fact 'authorised' for shooting holes in old oil tanks

Kewl! .357 seems a bit punchier - but the .38 Spl's are in a corner and close to what might be a weld area. Can you find .38 Special AP loads? :-)

UPDATE - Actually it is the .357 FMJ in the corner making those neat holes, I fired the .38 away from the corner to see what they would do, that is just a lead mark, not the light shining through! In the next picture you can see the flames coming through the holes.

Hey! This is my kind of blogging!

I prefer a good, old-fashioned .303 from a couple of hundred yards. Adds a modicum of skill to the proceedings.

Scaryduck - dont worry .... there are plans afoot. Keeping stummmmm for the mo, but watch this space

If hole size is desirable, try the .45 ACP.

12g slug.
Breach and clear!

I saw the two, gray, lower-left corner dimples and thought they failed to penetrate, representing the .38 Special approach.
Reminds me that one danger of mixing Pistols with the elasticity of steel is that they might and can bounce straight back pretty damn fast if you're square-on to it. I had a .357 pass back by my ear while shooting at a steel stove-top up in Colorado a long time ago - that old thick plate could have made good armor for Ned Kelly...
Maintain a ricochet-neutral (whatever that means) angle and keep your distance. Have you tried #00 buck on it? This could develop to be a good proof-and-experiment ground. :-)

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