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Trouble in the Holy Land

Britain's diplomacy counts for little now - World - Times Online

British Council offices in Gaza City and the West Bank town of Ramallah were set alight by angry mobs, while the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warned all British citizens to leave the area. ..

Last year Britain spent 60 million in support of the Palestinian Authority and projects in the Palestinian territories. But there is little to show for the effort and Gaza remains isolated, poor and unstable. ..

Last night British officials said Britain was determined to resume its role in the region once the situation has calmed down. A Foreign Office spokesman said that diplomats would resume their work as soon as the situation allowed.

Why bother returning? and why write them another large cheque for them to piss away?


Get out and stay out! Wasnt that what was demanded of us in 1947, are we to interfere again , are no lessons learnt from history?
Clearly that money could be better spent building 20 bedroom council houses in Derby!

Writing cheques for others to piss away it what we do best. As Tim C points out it doesn't matter who pisses it away.


Yes it does. I'd much rather I was the one doing the pissing and not some camel jockey who probably beats his wife and wishes he could blow me up.

If the Palestinians are in such dire straights let the Saudis bail them out. They've got enough dosh, besides, it'd be quite amusing to see the Pallies burning down their aid office.


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