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"Going down the Pan"

Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

A father of fourteen children is demanding a larger house to share with his wife, girlfriend and eight children. Mick Philpott, 49, says that his four-bedroom council house in Allenton, south of Derby, is too small.
He lives with Lisa Willis, who is expecting his fifteenth child, and his wife, Mairead. Mrs Philpott, 25, has four children, aged 7, 6, 3 and 2, who live at the house. Miss Willis, 22, is stand-in mother to a six-year-old from another relationship, and mother to three other children living there, aged 4, 2 and 11 months. Mr Philpott has six children, aged from 19 years to 5 months, with other women. When two or more of his children visit, he says, he has to sleep in a tent in the garden.

The family get 2,000 a month in benefits. Mr Philpott, who is unemployed, said that the council had failed him, adding: "I think the country is going down the pan."

I agree with him, definitely going down the pan...

Though it might help if he slept in the tent more often, on his own!


I actually laughed out loud.

You really know things have gone down the pan when the country's leading wasters and spongers are decrying the state of affairs.

Knife, sponger, his scrotum. Some disassembly required

Wife AND girlfriend?
There's a woman with a good sense of humour!

As well as the wife and girlfriend he also has a 5 month old child with yet another woman - what the bloody hell has he got that impresses the girls so much?

Two grand a month perhaps

Do you think he had a 'Steak and Blow Job' celebration with his laydees last night?....

Looks like he's soon going to need a small town to live in.....

Monty Python's "Every Sperm is Precious " is playing in my head right now.

Well, Bram, if you remember, the solution to the overpopulation of the papist household in the Meaning of Life was to sell the offspring for medical experiments.

This may seem a little cruel given the news last night, but I think the bastard owes society something since society seems to have been funding his serial priapism for some time now.


It seems quite a ridiculous situation and we shouldnt be funding his long term love fest - but at least he's actually living with his progeny...

ow i live with my wife with 5 children and my girlfriend who has one child and pregnant again lucky him i got social services crawling all over my happy family for no reason at all

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