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That 1m Icons of England website is still going...

ICONS Newsletter 01 2006 - Icons of England

The pro-fox-hunting lobby went to town after the Countryside Alliance signposted the fox-hunting nomination on its home page - word spread quickly and thousands of votes were received. Opponents of blood sports have expressed their concern at this support for fox-hunting - an activity now declared illegal - but many report they did not realise people can vote against nominations as well as in favour of them. The vote is changing hourly (both for and against) as more people get to hear about the controversial debate surrounding this nomination. The fox, itself, has also been nominated and is attracting votes in its own right.

ICONS partners, the Foundation for Science, Technology & Civilisation has opened its 1001 Muslim Inventions touring exhibition at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry (www.icons.org.uk/introduction/partners/1001).

A book and website is also being launched - www.1001inventions.com
Information about our Muslim heritage is featured on the ICONS website from March onwards. You can find out how the Muslim world handed down many things we take for granted nowadays like clocks, architecture and libraries.
Teachers packs and education posters are available.

So please vote against Fox Hunting and celebrate "our Muslim Heritage" and all the wonderful things Muslims have given us like the English countryside, paintings, songs, poetry, the three piece suit, the tie, pubs, three day eventing, community, fine buildings, bloodlines and the healthiest fox population in the world - no sorry, that is Fox hunting that did that, Muslims gave us something else, I must go and find out what.


They would be better off naming it "1001 Muslim Lies" and being done with it. I went through the list, and could only find 11 which were even a dubious possibility. Just more crap from the 'slim fellating media to make us think how wonderful the murdering rag-headed scum really are.
Isn't there a law about falsely claiming something as your own?

I've only had a quick scan thought but there seems to be nothing invented after the year 1300.

Chris: Quite, and when you add in sheer nonsense like 'We invented cosmetics' because,after all, the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese dont count, then it just becomes a stroking exercise.
You know what I mean 'we'll pretend to admire you if you promise not to seeth and whine'
What happened to truth and objectivity?

If they invented cosmetics how come it didn't stick over there? The Veil is the anti-cosmetic.

I'm proud to report I have been and done my weekly duty for Queen and Country. Marmite, Foxhunting and other proper icons clcked "yes", then after a long trawl through the list (ranked by popularity) a few NuLabour attempts roundly condemned with a "No".

Nomally I would condemn such blatent abuse of the democratic process, but since this is a Blair Project I say: Vote early, vote often.


I was really hoping fox hunting would win...but then I saw that Land Rover was an option. What a dilemma!

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