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How heros are treated in England.

Blaze hero pulled gun - Times Online

A MAN who pulled an imitation gun on police officers who tried to stop him rescuing his wife from their burning home has been jailed for a year.
Gloucester Crown Court was told that David Collinson had been woken by the noise of the fire in December and, thinking burglars were in the Cheltenham building, had gone to investigate, taking the gun. Once outside his second-floor flat, he found three police officers, who had tried to get everyone out of the building but had been beaten back by thick smoke.

Collinson received a call on his mobile telephone from his terrified wife, still inside. As he tried to go back in, the officers stopped him. He produced the gun, pointed it at them and ran inside to rescue his wife and their dog. Afterwards he apologised to the officers.
Police had later gone into the flat and found a ball-bearing pistol and an air pistol.

A year in jail for doing what he had to do to be able to rescue his wife, and dog, from burning to death! Makes me ashamed of our country.


Sounds to me like Mr Collinson showed the coppers up for what they were in this instance, cowards, and they decided to take him down a peg or two out of spite.

In a just world I'd hope that this would recieve maximum exposure for the injustice that it is. Unfortunately, in NuLabour's control freak pc Britain, I guess it won't.

I used to have dreams about returning to the UK one day. Sadly, the more I read about the place and what it is turning into, the more those dreams turn into nightmares.


It's Kafka meets Charlie Corolli alright....

What frightens me is, the phrase 'You couldn't make it up' seems to have been made redundant - as stuff is reported that I - and everyone else really couldn't make up, and can scarcely believe.... It's so pigging bizarre that sometimes I just want to curl up in a corner and fade away.

We live in such a mean, shitty backwater, ruined by a jobsworth culture always intent on doing the wrong thing, where police want to ring their H&S officer to assess the situation before actually doing anything. And when they do act in a brave and selfless manner - and are killed in the process - for example DC Oak, knifed to death saving his colleagues from a terrorist is denied any kind of gallantary medal by a weak and vacillating load of jobsworth no marks.....

It certainly is shameful; but in the NuState you have to know your place. Ex-Citizen now convict Collinson decided to act on his own initiative and in doing so threatend employees of the state who wanted him to perform other actions (or rather inactions). He has to learn that obedience to the state comes first and foremost, expect stronger sentences for this sort of behaviour in future.

When a confused man climbs into the lion's enclosure, the lion isnt held responsible for doing what is natural

When an evil man, climb into a farmer's window, similarly, the farmer is doing what is natural.

Who deserves greater protection, a confused man or an evil burglar?

I am a Yank with a long history of being in the UK.

I also believe strongly in self-defense and despise government who insist they will handle it all and not only fail, but prevent/penalize you for doing their job.

Is there a legal fund for David? Also, the farmer Tony Martin, "too dangerous to burglars" to be paroled?

Is there any group able to do something about this farcical situation? The Islamic fundamentalists can call for us all to be beheaded...can we not ask for Blair to get his head on straight?


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