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Miliband - Twat - Twat - Twat - twat - tewqt-taet- reufe- iuyfesiuyg.uyger.ygbvuyh.y fuck him

David Miliband | odpm.gov.uk/davidmiliband

The day of discussion yielded real lessons for the future of urban policy.
First, the regional tier is a vital binding unit, bringing together different authorities for shared endeavour. Second, proximity is key in an age of globalisation, and the East of England is near both London and the continent.
Third, distinctive strengths are based on history and location "for example the coastal strip" but are also man-made, for example through the university developments that are now criss-crossing the region.

I suppose I ought to deploy razor sharp arguments against Miliband's thesis - "proximity is key in an age of globalisation" and "the regional tier is a vital binding unit" but the pub is closed and I can't be arsed, he is simply a pimply-faced arse-licking propaganda-regugitating traitorous I-wouldn't-choose-you-as-my-fag games-skiving toothy-grin-in-need-of-a good-smack, pimply-faced, so-what-if-I'm-repeating-myself twat. If there was a just god he would be confined with his stupid inane schoolboyish face in a prison cell with Gary Glitter forcefed with Viagra, (Gary being the one viagrad up) and an extra large value industrial tub of valve grinding paste..


I live in a region in the east of England. It's known as 'Essex'.

Sorry, too subtle. Do you like the bloke or not?

My compliments to the Englishman. Not having two thousand years of sophisticated political debate to help us, the most damning insult thrown against John Kerry was that he was a "flip-flopper".

I stand in awe with repartee beginning with "pimply-faced arse licking---".

Your politics are far more interesting than ours.

He does have the perfect face for smashing, doesn't he?

Super-pimply Twat-faced arse-licking propaganda-regugitating traitorous socialist shill.

I liked your song linked to the St. Paddy's Day post. I didn't know you sung those sorts of songs in Wiltshire. Keep singing ;-)

Good luck m8

Will H


Proximity is key in the age of globalisation ? - surely this is the most arse about face phrase of all time- proximity is IRRELEVANT in the age of globalisation that's the whole sodding point!

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