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Scenes from my kitchen

One Iamb rescued from the cold
Image taken on 18/3/2006 13:50


Getting him aquainted with the AGA I see.

That is so....pastoral. Sheep in the kitchen, wow. All of a sudden I have visions of that movie "Babe." Of course, he was a pig, not a sheep.

But it's on the wrong side of the oven door...

Mint source…

& guess what Family FM are having for supper tomorrow .... lol

Used to help dig the little buggers out of snowdrifts on the Pennines as a kid. Never could eat 'em after that. No probs eatin' Babe though. Like bacon.

Enjoyed the read. I'll come back if you don't mind...or even if you do...


We used to have a four oven Aga, only two of them were hot enough for cooking. One of the cooler ones frequently had a cold wet lamb inside warming up. We also had a cat rather fond of that particular oven, watching vistors faces when a rather large black cat emerges from the oven was a treat.
These days we have a large wooden crate with a room heater to put cold lambs in for de-frosting - much great capacity.

Ahh... look its like a scene from Heartbeat!

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