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Celebrate the fat of the land

Bonhams sale of Naive Art -Times Online

Rosettes at agricultural shows in the 19th century were given to the largest and bulkiest cattle, pigs and sheep. For their owners, the size of the beast plus the fattiness and marbling of the meat were important. The phenomenon produced its own genre of naive art as farmers commissioned portraits of their prime animals....

I'm pleased that here at the castle we have some examples of this type of picture - here are a couple of examples of the fattier Porkers...





Quite right, but you won't get any money for them.

I was always under the impression that judges at the Royal Welsh Show awarded rosettes to those bulls whose bollocks dangled closest to the floor.

Oh, pulease!

The third one is a right skinny runt compared to the rest of the porkers. Also, you'd have to stew it for hours to make it even chewable.

Hardly even worth sharpening the axe.


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