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Danger UXB - in my kitchen cupboard..

The Lyle's Black Treacle treacle 1.jpg
has this fearsome warning on it,
treacle warning.jpg
and the "Best Before" date seems a while ago,
treacle best.jpg

Oh, what to do? Any suggestions?


If you heat the body of the tin, it will expand. Thus, the lid will be easier to remove.

Get Mrs Englishman to do it - even easier & that way you dont have to get up off the sofa of sloth

Shake well and lob through the door of your nearest mosque.

Surely you have some plaster cracks that need patching around the farm....

...and don't call me Shirley.

Get as far away from the tin as possible, NOW! I've been attacked by one of them (in the days when they didn't put such warnings on them I might add) and it was not a pleasant experience.
I had a red mark across the bridge of my nose for days, and it too me almost as long to get the f*cking stuff out of my hair. The kitchen ceiling was also in a sorry stateas were the dogs who went into a state of shock too. I am not making this up - get as far away from the tin as possible, and call the Bomb Squad!

Christmas present for your German relatives? err just kidding.

heat it up and shoot it.

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