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Si monumentum requiris, circumspice

FT.com "Incapability Brown’"

Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman for Culture, Media and Sport, said: “The Diana fountain is increasingly looking like a 21st century folly by ‘incapability Brown’.” Gordon Brown, the chancellor, chaired the Diana memorial committee, one of the organisations criticised in Tuesday’s report for failing to manage the project efficiently.

The cost of the 210m circular fountain rose from the original budget of £3m to £5.2m and will cost Royal Parks £250,000p.a. in maintenance costs.

So this gutter has cost £25,000 a yard to build and a thousand quid a yard per year to get Parky to clean out the leaves and stop children paddling in it - this pointless aimless waste of space really is a fitting memorial to Diana and her extravagance.

(And I like the phrase "Incapability Brown" - we must use it more!)


That's rich coming from Foster... one of the biggest supporters of the Bath Spa. A £50 million white elephant right on his own doorstep.


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