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Regimental vandalism

Goodbye to the Black Watch - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

“SAY something, laddie, even if it’s only ‘Goodbye’!” screamed the purple sergeant-major in a Black Watch kilt. The officer cadet was dithering to time his command of “Abooowt TURN” as the left feet of the squad hit the tarmac. His squad was marching rapidly towards noyade in the Tweed. On Tuesday we say goodbye to 281 years of history, as the Black Watch is subsumed with the other Highland and Lowland regiments into the new Royal Regiment of Scotland,....

The stramash will not do Gordon Brown much good in his constituency, which lies in Black Watch recruiting territory. The Army would never have dared to sack the Black Watch while the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother, whose brothers and uncles fought and died with the Watch, was alive. Field Marshal Lord Wavell, who, like the Queen Mother, was Colonel of the Regiment, said: “It will be a sad day and an evil day for the British Infantry if the reformers ever succeed in weakening or destroying the regimental tradition.” So goodbye, Black Watch. And thank you, in blood and tears.

I will leave it those better qualified than I to provide a full lament but I will just add my small voice of disgust.


It makes me weep (literally) in impotent rage when institutions are torn down. The tories were pretty bad when they went for St Bart's but this govt. has a hatred, and abhorrence for our history and institutions.

The Black Watch. The Black Watch, dammit, no more.

Regiments have been disbanded and reformed in the past. If ever Britain has need, perhaps they can unbox the colours.

Look at this list of battle honours and weep.
Guadaloupe 17591, Martinique 17621, Havannah1, North America 1763-642, Mysore5, Busaco3, Salamanca4, South Africa 1846-76, 1851-2-36 Tel-el-Kebir, Egypt 1882 '84, Kirbekan, Nile 1884-5, Paardeberg, South Africa 1899-1902
The Great War [25 battalions]: Retreat from Mons, Marne 1914 '18, Aisne 1914, La Bassée 1914, Ypres 1914 '17 '18, Langemarck 1914, Gheluvelt, Nonne Bosschen, Givenchy 1914, Neuve Chapelle, Aubers, Festubert 1915, Loos, Somme 1916 '18, Albert 1916, Bazentin, Delville Wood, Pozières, Flers-Courcelette, Morval, Thiepval, Le Transloy, Ancre Heights, Ancre 1916, Arras 1917 '18, Vimy 1917, Scarpe 1917 '18, Arleux, Pilckem, Menin Road, Polygon Wood, Poelcappelle, Passchendaele, Cambrai 1917 '18, St Quentin, Bapaume 1918, Rosières, Lys, Estaires, Messines 1918, Hazebrouck, Kemmel, Béthune, Scherpenberg, Soissonnais-Ourcq, Tardenois, Drocourt-Quéant, Hindenburg Line, Épéhy, St Quentin Canal, Beaurevoir, Courtrai, Selle, Sambre, France and Flanders 1914-18, Doiran 1917, Macedonia 1915-18, Egypt 1916, Gaza, Jerusalem, Tell'Asur, Megiddo, Sharon, Damascus, Palestine 1917-18, Tigris 1916, Kut al Amara 1917, Baghdad, Mesopotamia 1915-17
The Second World War: Defence of Arras, Ypres-Comines Canal, Dunkirk 1940, Somme 1940, St. Valery-en-Caux, Saar, Breville, Odon, Fontenay le Pesnil, Defence of Rauray, Caen, Falaise, Falaise Road, La Vie Crossing, Le Havre, Lower Maas, Venlo Pocket, Ourthe, Rhineland, Reichswald, Goch, Rhine, North-West Europe 1940 '44-45, Barkasan, British Somaliland 1940, Tobruk 1941, Tobruk Sortie, El Alamein, Advance on Tripoli, Medenine, Zemlet el Lebene, Mareth, Akarit, Wadi Akarit East, Djebel Roumana, Medjez Plain, Si Mediene, Tunis, North Africa 1941-43, Landing in Sicily, Vizzini, Sferro, Gerbini, Adrano, Sferro Hills, Sicily 1943, Cassino II, Liri Valley, Advance to Florence, Monte Scalari, Casa Fortis, Rimini Line, Casa Fabbri Ridge, Savio Bridgehead, Italy 1944-45, Athens, Greece 1944-45, Crete, Heraklion, Middle East 1941, Chindits 1944, Burma 1944
The Hook 1952, Korea 1952-53; Al Basrah, Iraq 2003

The Scotch shouldnt complain.

They voted Labour.

As a Yank who is also a veteran (82nd Airborne) and a military buff, it is truly sad to see such a regiment go. Thank you for your sacrfices. As an American with English ancestory, it frustrates me to see the England that I have come to know and love through history, literature, family and visitations to being destroyed by...well...the English. Oh, to hell with it... ANY CONSERVATIVE, TRADITIONALLY MINDED, GOD FEARING ENGLISHMEN OR WOMEN SHOULD JUST CROSS THE POND, BECOME AN AMERICAN AND START OVER. YES, EVEN ILLEGALLY. EVERYONE ELSE IS. - D. Smith

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