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Britain, UK news from The Times and The Sunday Times - Times Online

BRITAIN'S youngest drink-driver attacked a lawyer and threw a jug of water at magistrates yesterday as she was sentenced for her second offence of driving while drunk.
Leanne Black, 14, screamed obscenities and kicked over a chair before lunging at the prosecutor and punching her in the back.
Black, wearing a shiny white tracksuit and fake gold jewellery,...The disturbance in Newbury was not limited to the court. As Black arrived she had hurled eggs at photographers as her mother stuck out her buttocks at them. As the family left, there were further scuffles.


In the face of all that Blair's modern britain can throw at me I try very hard to remain of a liberal and tolerant mind. But just sometimes I am tempted to think that there is a very good case for eugenics.


I wonder what the chances of that family being funded by the welfare state are?


Stop picking on the Blacks, itís raffish.

This is why Little Britain, League of Gentlemen, Fast Show, Viz etc were never comedy so much as social commentary

"attacked a lawyer and threw a jug of water at magistrates"

Without condoning what she was on trial for, I can empathize with her actions - speaking as one who's just been going through grief at the RCJ for sodding months.

I don't think I've yet seen the word 'untermensch' used in a more appropriate manner. Congrats.

In the U.S. this bint would have her own reality TV show. Whatsa' matta you!? Get busy, there is money to be made.

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