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Summary Justice

Times Online

The Lord Chancellor announced that thousands of low-level offences, including speeding, will be removed from the courts and handled under a bulk "summary justice" system...“What people are looking for is plainly a fair process but one that is more speedy, simple and more summary where appropriate,” he said.

The old liberties of England, still believe they are safe under this bunch of power crazed nutters? Summary Justice has a certain appeal I admit, I think I could sort of the whole Loans for Ermine scandal much quicker than the courts will, and I think you will agree that decorating the spikes on the Tower with the Noble Lordships would be a quick and just result. And while some may quibble there is the danger of punishing the innocent, the risk of that happening with Tony's Cronies is negligible, unlike the risk to the poor public under this latest proposal.


Small matter of the Bill of Rights making that illegal.

Real good "summary justice" involves a handkerchief and a last cigarette.

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