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Life before children

Kim posted about the joy of real cars and got me thinking about this little beauty I used to own - OK it was a three speed automatic, but with a V12 6 litre engine, hand built by TWR in Abingdon my XJRS still qualifies I think.
www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/noframes/9794.shtml seems not to approve of the engine and I must admit that late at night on the motorway holding her in second until about 90mph and then dropping into third and pressing the loud pedal would punch you back into the seat, piss off absolutely any nearby boy racer and send the fuel gauge into free-fall. But the babyseat wouldn't fit so it was sold...


As the pround new owner of a 2nd hand Audi S4 allow me to sympathise a tiny bit. The good thing about the s4 estate is that it will fit children, dogs and about 500 vietnamese in the back. The bad thing is that its awfully easy to burn up the fuel

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