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Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

BBC NEWS | Have Your Say: Do you remember the Brixton riots? ...

The BBC is collecting memories - admist the memories of NF bootboys and racists coppers causing it this comment stood out..

I was on the front line at Brixton a uniformed policeman,unprotected,just a baton we had been told not to use. We were not used when we should have been,while youths,rubbing their shoulders from aches caused by throwing missiles,walked through us.Policing was politically correct but ineffective just thugs using numbers to hide their criminal intent. Police knew it but we were controlled by wimps.Lions lead by donkeys.Nothing has changed,hence my getting out of the UK for ever.
Carson, Cadiz, Spain


April 1981... my alibi is that I was in college in Santa Cruz, yeh that's it. Surfboards and hippies and stuff.

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