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Doctors for Reform

BBC NEWS | Health | Doctors urge NHS funding rethink

A group of doctors has urged the main political parties to reconsider the way the NHS is funded.
Politicians should look to move away from an entirely tax-funded system, says Doctors for Reform, a centre-right group set up two years ago.

And a very reasonable arguement they provide in their briefing paper - and it can even be downloaded as a pdf to leave lying around in surgeries...
And roaring out of the mists come the usual suspects to attack what the BBC call this "centre-right" group....

The British Medical Association, which represents 120,000 doctors, said it believed in a health system funded through taxation.

"What is important is that care is provided free at the point of delivery based on clinical need and with equal access for all."

And Nigel Edwards, director of policy at the NHS Confederation, which represents health service managers, said: "If a system is unaffordable through taxation, it is unaffordable through social insurance or whatever other system."

Karen Jennings, head of health at Unision, called the doctors "dangerous mavericks".

"It is totally irresponsible for these doctors to be making these dangerous, off the wall comments about NHS funding without any real evidence base."

And all three parties added they were committed to a tax-funded NHS at the moment.

Tory leader David Cameron ruled out a move to another system in his first major speech on health, while the Liberal Democrats are also committed to a tax-based system.

The government said it was "fully committed" to a tax-funded NHS.

That's it boys, keeping wrenching open the stopcocks to sloosh more and more taxpayer money into the top of the system in the hope a trickle reaches the parts that need it...


I applaud the Doctors for Reform for putting forth their ideas for turning around the NHS. Although I don't know what is the best way to reform the NHS, I do agree that an open debate by all those with vested interests in improving the service to ‘world-class’ levels should be initiated.

It would also be helpful if those who create the system, the politicians, would show genuine commitment by using the NHS exclusively in their own medical treatment. Yes, I am suggesting that MP’s voluntarily agree to get on the back of the waiting list cues like everyone else. And I am inviting all UK citizens to sign just such a petition. The petition specifically asks ‘that elected representatives of all UK political parties and their immediate families voluntarily refrain from self-paid or insurance-paid medical care treatment.’ Anyone can sign this petition by sending from a mobile phone the keyword 'Reform' to the mobile short code '80818'. Alternatively, they may sign by visiting OurPetition's website at http://ourpetition.org where an up-to-date list of petition signatories is available for viewing.

If the politicians were to put their lives on the line, as it were, by committing to exclusively use the NHS themselves, then the one million people who work for the NHS in the frontline trenches might gain a measure of belief that their own day to day efforts could transform the NHS into the ‘world-class’ institution that all who live in the UK would be proud to use. Forcing the issue of healthcare reform onto the political agenda would also grant the UK electorate the opportunity to vote for a leadership in the next general election that is firmly committed to healthcare reform.

Richard Solomon

The UKs current system of rationed treatment funded by extortion has to be destroyed.

The institutional, departmental suffix of "-Service," added to any Bureaucratic prefix, must be destroyed. It is the tentacles of oblivion.

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