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F***ing Welsh

7 years on, police still pursue 'anti-Welsh gibe' - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

FOR Tony Blair, it was an off-hand remark allegedly made seven years ago in the company of his aides as he watched Labour underperform in the first Welsh Assembly elections.
But for North Wales Police, a reported prime ministerial gibe about the Welsh has turned into a six-month investigation involving top-level discussions between forces and repeated trips to London for interviews with former colleagues of Mr Blair.

And, despite a recommendation from the Crown Prosecution Service not to proceed, the investigation of the Prime Minister's supposed "race-hate crime" will drag on for at least another month, police say.
Mr Blair is said to have shouted "F***ing Welsh" as he watched the results from the Welsh Assembly on election night in 1999.

I never thought I would come to the defence of Tony but this is plain barking, but then North Wales Police have a bit of a reputation for not being the most sensibly led force - I tried to access their latest performance figures but the file was damaged and unviewable, perhaps the lack of vowels causes a problem.
One day maybe the locals will get fed up of Richard Brunstrom the Chief Constable of North Wales Police - drivers have - as John Stalker former Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police said "I regard him as dangerously out of touch with reality."


Well, there could be two interpretations to this, and the conduct of the North Wales Constabulary in general.

The first, the most charitable but least likley, is that Richard Brunstrom is a libertarian agent provocateur. All his pc excesses are being carried out to try and demonstrate stupidity of this government's legislation.

The second, more likely one, is that, Plod (or should that be Pllwd?) saw a chance to have several jollies in the Smoke on the force's account.

Can you imagine the scene in the detective office in the Abslwtlynvwlrystwyth HQ? The pc PC walks in and announces that a terrible thought crime has been committed. Stiffling the sniggers that their leader's pronouncements usually elicit the dedicated sleuths listen while trying to keep straight faces. But as he drones on in shocked and awed tones, our hard bitten detectives realise that instead of his usual horlicks, Chiefie is offering them a golden opportunity. The chance to go to THE CAPITAL! And not just Cardiff, either! No, boyo, chiefie's giving us free tickets to LONDON, look you!

No more chasing sheep botherers. No more rainy nights on stake outs waiting for the Phantom Flasher of Abergevenny. This case meant the big time. Tall buildings. Trafic lights. Scotland Yard! All praise the Pontypridd Front Row, they must have whispered.

Visions of driving fast cars down the Fulham Road; calling the Superintendent "Guv"; perhaps even a brief glimpse of....Dennis Waterman.... flashed before their stunned eyes. They'd be hanging around in smoky drinking clubs rubbing shoulders with real villains and even...no, it couldn't be....Jack Reagan, himself! There'd be car chases and gun play, even...no it would be too much to hope for....girls who say more than "baaaaaaaa", look you!

The boys must have been creaming their undies and offering prayers to Max Boyce at the prospect of dragging this case out for as long as possible.

Anyway, there's two possible reasons for this latest moonbattery from N Wales. Anyone got any better explenations?


I'm off to Cardiff in the morning, anything you want me to mention to them ??

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