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Royal Visit

Telegraph | News | Round up some patients and reopen the operating theatre. The Health Secretary is paying us a visi

A debt-ridden hospital yesterday reopened an operating theatre that had been closed for 10 months - for the visit of Patricia Hewitt, the Health Secretary.

The University Hospital of North Staffordshire, which plans to lay off 1,000 staff to tackle overspending of 15.5 million, carried out extra eye operations, drafted in more nurses and made a ward look busier than normal to impress Miss Hewitt.

"All this was so that the hospital could show Miss Hewitt that all was well and that cuts could not affect patient services, which is of course rubbish."

It used to be the Queen who believed the whole world smelt of fresh paint and was full of flowers, politicians used to believe in seeing the real problems of the world and righting them....


The Russians had a phrase for this phenomenon. loosly translated it means "Potemkin Villages".

We all know what happened to the Russian ruling elite 90 years ago, don't we.


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