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Where is the big bad wolf?

Labour 'is scared of questions on sleaze' - Britain - Times Online

TONY BLAIR was accused of running scared last night after Labour started its local election campaign by making certain that all five ministers present avoided questions.
No 10 tore up plans for a 12-minute question-and-answer session with the media late on Tuesday amid fears that queries over sleaze and relations with Gordon Brown would dominate proceedings.

It is only the public they are frightened of, the Boy King and his bunch of caring conservatives haven't even attempted to say "Boo" to Tony - if they can't make points and win prizes against a party in such disarray what hope is there for them, attacking the UKIP seems to be the limit of their ambition.


We can't have that - the Boy King is being "responsible" and "constructive" - we mustn't frighten the voters with talk of lower taxes, resistance to the new secret police, opposition to ID cards. Oh no - he might get elected and that would never do. As it is now, Francis Maude can have this nice, bright, MODERN Conservative opposition to play with and no danger of actually being in government.

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