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A real Tory leader speaks

Telegraph | Money | Tax-cutting led to 5m jobs, says Bush

"The economy has expanded for 17 straight quarters," he said. "And last year the American economy grew at a healthy rate of 3.5pc. That's the fastest rate of any major industrialised economy.
"The tax cuts I signed left $880bn (505bn) with our nation's workers, small business owners and families. Not everyone in Washington agreed with the decision to let people keep more of their own money.
On the day that Republicans in the House and Senate were finalising the 2003 tax cuts, one Democratic leader said these cuts would 'do nothing to create jobs'. Facts have proven the critics wrong 5.1m times over."
Tory leader David Cameron has come under fire for his refusal to put tax cuts at the top of his domestic agenda. But Mr Bush said the policy was the right one.
"Tax relief has created jobs for the American people. Yet some are now proposing that we raise taxes. These are the same politicians that told us that letting Americans keep more of their own money would be irresponsible.
"They were wrong then and they are wrong now."


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