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Council Waste

Free Black Bags Are Scrapped (from This Is Wiltshire)

CHIPPENHAM residents will now have to pay for their own black rubbish bags after the district council decided to scrap its freebies.
Five thousand householders whose properties were unsuitable for wheelie bins were regularly supplied with rubbish sacks.
But North Wiltshire District Council has decided to axe the service, saving itself 25,000 a year.

So 52 bags costs the council 5 to supply - a quick look at http://www.polybags.co.uk/index.htm shows that if I was buying in quantity I could get 50 bags for 1.35. A small example of why we pay so much in tax.


Don't forget the council probably pays over the odds to have the bags labeled with their own logo, to prevent theft, which still goes on.

Then of course the bags must be to the council's own exacting standards, which probably means that they fall apart as soon as you look at them etc. etc.

As we all know the council tax is a complete con.

Councils charges us far too much fr services which in many instances should not be provided by them.

As for the "bins", my experience is the ones provided by the council are not worth having in any event. They are too thin for the stuff I want to put in which is why we use our own bags. If this sounds a nerdy comment it is in part because I worked on thr bins as a schoolboy. Good pay and better company and conversation than many other wals in life.

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