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You are what you eat.

There is a lot of comment flying around about plans to add Folic Acid to Bread to prevent birth defects - some people object to this compulsory medication, especially as the intake of Folic Acid may cause problems in older people. Nowhere have I seen noted that our flour is already "fortified" by law and that this doesn't have to be noted on the label, and yes it applies to those lovely organic handmilled on the thighs of Dorset virgin brands as well...

The Flour Advisory Bureau -Nutrition Composition of Flour and Bread

By law, white and brown flour is fortified with calcium, iron, thiamin and niacin. Because it is made from the whole wheat grain, wholemeal flour already contains these vitamins and minerals, although white and brown flour contain more calcium because of fortification.
Calcium carbonate (E170) is added to all brown and white flour products in the UK and has been a legal requirement for almost 5 years. This is carried out to ensure that vulnerable groups receive enough calcium in their diet. On average 20% of the UK dietary calcium intake is accounted for via bread and flour products. Other legally required additives in bread include iron and B-Vitamins.


Calcium Carbonate is an additive? Umm correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the chalk/limestone that makes our water "hard" and which zillions of people spend lots of money removing from their water supply?

Give them cause to wonder and sugest whether all the bread-additives are environmentally sensitive and wind up in the water, or if they're genetically engineered materials!

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