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Needing Beauty Sleep

Minister pursues green brief as queen of the Royal Flight - Britain - Times Online

MARGARET BECKETT, the Cabinet minister responsible for the environment, is one of the most enthusiastic users of the Queen's Flight, regularly summoning its aircraft to collect her from her local airport.

Mrs Beckett, whose department is responsible for reducing carbon emissions and air travel across government, has cost the taxpayer more than 100,000 on 110 flights in three years. Her department has not offset the carbon emissions from the flights.
Other than ministers with an overseas brief and Tony Blair, Mrs Beckett cost the taxpayer more in flights than any other minister.
She has made repeated public statements about the environmental dangers of air travel....
Opposition MPs are furious that RAF aircraft have been ordered to collect the Environment Secretary from her Derby South constituency, so that she does not have to travel to Northolt, where the Royal Flight is based.
A spokeswoman for Mrs Beckett said that the minister was often unable to travel the 100 miles because meetings in Brussels were held too early.

If she bloody got up a bit earlier she could get there - or she could take her sodding caravan and park it up in Brussels. Getting the RAF to fly to pick you up because you want to stay in your bed, unbelievable - I suppose she has no qualms about getting the whole team to wake up early just for her! The woman is bloody disgrace.


It'd be simpler still if the lazy sow caught Eurostar to Brussels the night before and spent the night in a four star hotel.


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