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End of an era

Administrators step in at ailing Hunters - Industry sectors - Times Online

THE Hunter Rubber Company, maker of the upmarket wellies favoured by Royals and the country set, has called in the administrators, despite soaring sales.

No more Green Wellie Set? I must admit I haven't noticed many people wearing Hunter's recently - it is either cheap black ones or neoprene lined French ones, but then I'm not in Fulham.


Still got my first pair 25 years on. Guess I haven't worm them enough. Unlike the Barbour.

Despite soaring sales? Another example of a great British product fucked up by appaling British management, methinks.


My Hunters across the sole the other day after 6 years of almost daily use.

Afraid I went for the neoprene lined French ones to replace them, a seperate sole and better tread (no 'sideways' grip in Hunters).

'Sideways grip'? You a sheep-chaser Mark? ;-)

I forget the make of my wellies. Argyl, or something. They were black with red trim, the kind that proper farmers wear, not people who park in the layby in a Range Rover Autobiography on their monthly trip to the countryside.

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