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BBC NEWS | Health | Foetuses 'cannot experience pain'

Foetuses cannot feel pain because it requires mental development that only occurs outside the womb, says a report in the British Medical Journal.
Dr Stuart Derbyshire, of the University of Birmingham, said a baby's actions and relationships with carers enabled it to process the subjectivity of pain. ..
"Pain is something that comes from our experiences and develops due to stimulation and human interaction.

"It involves concepts such as location, feelings of unpleasantness and having the sensation of pain.

"Pain becomes possible because of a psychological development that begins at birth when the baby is separated from the protected atmosphere of the womb and is stimulated into wakeful activity."

Dr Derbyshire said whether or not foetuses felt pain did not affect the abortion debate because it did not change the moral viewpoints of the pro-choice and pro-life lobby, or the legality of terminations.

So as pain is only felt after "human interaction etc" it is still alright to dissect unanaesthetised live dogs to study the blood flow is it? All that howling and squirming can't be reacting to pain can it? Or have we moved on from the medieval period?


The Left feel their assault on unborn children is threatened if it is known they feel pain.

Who can understand a women who would kill her own unborn child?

There is something Darwinian about abortion.

Kinda reminds me of the Doctor who said a babies sexuality isnt determined until they reach 1 yr old.

So when a Circumcision went wrong, they castrated a boy and pumped him full of hormones for 16 yrs. The "experts" took this as proof but never bothered to check up on him.


So much for expert doctors. Who permits these idiots to make pronouncements?

Just done a Biased BBC post on him and his wonderful theory that babies don't feel pain till months after birth ...

I never cease to be amazed at watching the illogical contortions of the so called "liberal" left as they try and defend their favourite sacred cows in the face of obvious public unease.

Ruberina the Amazing Human Pretzel had nothing on these characters.


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