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No more trees please.

The Adam Smith Institute releases a thought provoking addition to the planning debate. Quite rightly it suggests that there is far too much farmland and it would improve life all round if it had houses on it, but not crammed in as is the present trend, but spread out in true suburban style. But i must take issue with one point, it says:

"monoculture wastelands ugly to look at,...If some of these were converted to sympathetic development consisting mostly of woodland"

Oh Dear! Yet again the latent Tree Worship that flourished in Germany in the 1920s raises it ugly head. The joys of Aryan youth prancing through the Black Forest gave rise to two ugly movements, the more long lasting, and potentially more destructive one, being the Extreme Environmentalists that plague us today. England is a pastoral country, with sweeping open downlands, lush green meadows, wide open moors - all boring monochromatic landscapes to some, but to others sheer beauty. If Mischa Balen, the author, doesn't have time to leave the smoky environs of Tufton Street may I suggest a quick appreciation course of the works of Mark Rothko to give an urban insight into the beauty us country boys see every day.


Just a thought, what have Wiltshire farmers got against hedgerows?

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