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Our No 1 priority

How a tin of paint on bus led to brush with the law - Britain - Times Online

WITH every day that passes the world seems to go increasingly mad. It has just gone particularly bonkers on a Cardiff bus.
In a vivid demonstration that who really runs Britain is not the Government, the Civil Service, big business nor Labour Party donors but the health and safety police, a man has been thrown off the No 9 service from Heath Hospital via city centre to Prospect Place for carrying a tin of paint. ..

Mr Heale, 73, an RAF veteran who suffers shortness of breath after a heart attack, could not manage the 20-minute walk from the paint shop to his home in the Leckwith district of the city so, naturally, he caught the bus. But the driver caught Mr Heale in the act of carrying a can of emulsion and ordered him off.

Ejected on to the rainy street, Mr Heale took shelter in a café and ordered a cup of tea to steady his nerves. There the manager took pity on him and gave Mr Heale, and his paint, a lift home.

New health and safety rules governing public transport do indeed list paint as a “hazardous article”. It can be taken on the bus only if it is “carried in two containers, ie, a sealed pot and a bag, and is not left unattended on a parcel shelf where it could slide and tip, burst open and spread across the floor”.

Cardiff Bus admitted that it may have been a little hard on Mr Heale. A spokesman said: “We apologise to Mr Heale for the obvious inconvenience caused. The safety of our passengers is our No 1 priority, which is why the company takes regulations on health and safety very seriously.”...

Says it all really - of course in the this new brave world we all should take the bus rather than own cars so that our journeys can be controlled and monitored...


Where do these pointy heads come from?? what kind of people are they? are they someone who accepts instructions "from above" without question (shades of the people of Germany during WWII - they dare not question the rules in case they loose their jobs). It is bad enought the Health and Safety Executive making these daft rules up but not as bad as the idiots who carry them out without questioning or thinking what the consequences are. Will someone save us from these people ? lets expose them and hold them up to public ridicule - please!!!!!!

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