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Tarzan nearly gets it right

Heseltine urges Tories to stop bashing public sector workers - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

Lord Heseltine spelled out the dangers of alienating one in five workers and a vast chunk of the electorate. “Too many Conservatives talk about the public sector as though it is a bloated, badly run, inefficient, impost on the taxpayers’ back,” he said.

Guilty M'Lord. But I don't blame the workers who take Gordon's shilling, it is the only sane game in town. The trick for the Tories is to promise a rosy future outside of the Turkey Army after it has been trimmed to size.


This is why Government must not be allowed to grow and overtake the private sector - it produces nothign but imposes everything.

Fear not, Christmas will come even if the Turkey Army wont vote for it - & then we shall have some sport, sir: then we shall have some sport!

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