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A survey says

BBC NEWS | Politics | Middle-aged 'still enjoying sex'

Study author and professor of sociology at the University of Chicago said people aged 40 to 80 actually "engaged in a significant amount of sex".
He suggested this may well be a surprise to their children.

Often comes as a surprise to their spouses as well....


Ho ho!

In an abstract way I'm all for the crumblies spending their time doing the naughty; it keeps them off the streets if nothing else. It also offers some hope for my own oft planned disreputable old age.

But the thought of the Elders Remittance engaging in the wild monkey dance? That is, quite frankly, a disturbing train of thought. I fear I shall need several post work restoratives to flush that particular mental image from the memory banks.


So which has seen the most Ďassí?
a) Grandpa
b) The commode

Heh! I've got visions in my head of a certain kind of clientele in a certain kind of nightclub in Dubai. It isn't pleasant.

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