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Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights, if H&S will let them.

Breakfast Is Off The Menu Thanks To The Bureaucrats (from The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)

HEALTH and safety regulations have meant that the fundraising big breakfast planned by parents of Bromham PTA has had to be cancelled.
The St Nicholas Primary School parents' association was looking forward to earning up to 500 from their efforts at the St George's Day Big Breakfast on Saturday.
But chairman Peter Wallis was forced to call a halt to proceedings after he was advised that handling protein-based food without a food handling qualification was breaking all the regulations.


Christ! How did the human race ever survive this far?

Mark, in days gone by, people that added nothing to the community were abandoned to their fate outside the town gates.

Nowadays we give them jobs in local and national government.

This news on a day when BBC Radio London did a special feature on local cafes, their fastastic virtues and community spirit - against the wave of designer coffee shops across the urban facades we now have to endure. But some of us to like the occasional ristretto but with a lovely greasy bacon sarny. Now you could only get the half of that before!

I know a lot of the staff in MacDonalds are Arts graduates, but are they seriously suggesting you need to get a qualification in order to be allowed to say "Do you want fries with that?".

Slow and painful death is too good for these bastards.


Sir: Perhaps you and Mr FM can locate a field kitchen and provide an issue of egg banjos at the schoohouse door.

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