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One for the shopping list

Telegraph | News | Black and Tan ice cream causes a chill in Ireland

Ben and Jerry's began promoting its Black and Tan flavour - cream stout with a whirl of chocolate - this month, but said it was unaware of the connotations that the name has in Ireland.

The company, whose mission statement promotes "deep respect" for individuals, has apologised for any offence their latest product has caused to the Irish.

Any hippy company that promises "deep respect" can't get into too much trouble for my liking, but as ever the curse of Ireland is that it never forgets (and England's is that it never remembers).


Irish Alzheimer's: they forget everything except the grudges.

Hahahahah! Ben and Jerry's, a bunch of drunken acid-head hippies screwed up!! Hahahaha!

I heard that Irish republicans object to the Orange flavour ice-cream - too many bad memories of 1690 and all that!

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