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Key saves grandfather from bullet - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

A grandfather of nine was saved by his keys when he was shot as he challenged two armed robbers. The bullet was deflected by his house keys and when he realised that he was not injured the former member of the Royal Corps of Signals grabbed a rock and attacked the robbers.
Brian Woodham, 64, had gone to his local Asda store in Ashford, Kent, when saw that a security guard refilling a cash dispenser was being robbed.

He challenged one of the masked men and saw him fire the gun into his leg. When he realised that he was not injured he picked up a rock and attacked the man forcing him to flee. The robbers escaped

Of course if Gramps had been allowed to carry something more lethal than a bunch of keys, or a rock, then the story might have had a different ending...


Instead, he's likely to be arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, to wit, one rock. It may also be decreed that Mr Woodham infringed the robbers' "civil rights" in some way.

Somehow I don't expect Mr Woodham to get the medal and tea and crumpets with the Queen he richly deserves. I hope my own congratulations offer some meagre substitute.


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