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Safe in our beds

Wiltshire news,

CRIMES of violence in Wiltshire have shot up by 23 per cent in the past year, it was revealed in new figures presented to the county's police authority last week.
The figures show that violent crimes rose by 1,584 offences to a total of 8,369, during the period from April 2005 to last month.
It was the biggest increase in recorded crime during the year but there were also rises in the number of offences of theft and handling, criminal damage, drugs and non-domestic burglaries.
Overall, crime in the county rose by 2,105 offences, 5.3 per cent, to a total of 42,181 crimes.
But police are quick to emphasise that, when these are expressed as crimes per head of population, Wiltshire still has one of the lowest number of crimes in England and Wales and "remains one of safest counties in which to live, work and visit".

Wiltshire Police News reports:
Assistant Chief Constable Peter Vaughan said:

'During the last year, crime has continued to fall in the key areas of burglary and vehicle crime and although some areas of crime show an increase, this is largely due to our proactive approach to policing these issues. Our continued focus on drug misuse and violent behaviour actually leads to an increase in the numbers of these crimes, as, for every person we arrest for violent behaviour, for every person we arrest for dealing or using drugs, an offence is created and recorded as such'.

Latest Wiltshire Constabulary News Article

As part of a combined effort to combat hate crime across Wiltshire, an Equality and Diversity web page is successfully up-and-running, thanks to the Community Safety team at Wiltshire Police.

It is all so reassurring isn't it, violent crime rates souring, but that is only because they are curing the problem, and if someone is horrible to me I can log on and report it...


If someone is horrible to YOU, will the police give a toss? Over on my side of the pond, "hate crimes" are pretty much a one-way street. It is very rare for a member of a recognized minority to be charged with a "hate crime."

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