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An English Gentleman's Bulldog Postal Shoot

Dearly Beloved, Mr FM has finally released the results of the last Bulldog Postal Shoot, which means it is time for the next one.
This time it is simple, 75 Feet, five shots, any calibre, iron sights only, using a proper old English target as supplied below; entries in by 15th May, results posted by MY BIRTHDAY 18th May.

Email your efforts to "target at anenglishmanscastle.com"

Good luck and Good Shooting

The target to download is below:

View Target


Is it 75ft for all classes or can idiots with handguns stand closer to the target?


- Don't ask - don't tell!
I look forward to your entry.

My weapon of choice is a replica .44 cap and ball monster so judging how close I can get away with might be difficult. Powder and burning wadding leave such tell tale marks after all.


Is it unsporting to use a .22 target rifle

Ed - No - shoot away!

A 4.5" target at 25 yd isn't unreasonable for an iron sight handgun, although I don't expect the grouping to be pretty. I have people shoot a 6" disc at 20 yd after riding hard for about 15 minutes on a bicycle.

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