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Play up and play the game

Mr Free Market complains that I put him off his shooting by telling a pig tale, as though a bit of light joshing behind the shooter isn't part of the game..
But what happened was, I had this young pig lying on the floor in pain, he had got meningitis, no cure. So I thought to myself "put him out of his misery". There happened to be a pointed pick-axe in the barn so one foot on his head and thwack between the eyes. I don't like doing such things but the job was done quickly. I took my foot off his head and the bugger jumps up and runs off down the barn with the pick-axe in his head. I race after him and eventually get hold of the handle, but the bloody thing won't come out. I try pleading with him to let me have it so I can hit him again but he doesn't co-operate. Eventually it catches on a gate and comes free and I complete the job.

I expect he felt a bit like that Oregon man who went into hospital complaining of a head ache after firing a dozen nails into his own skull - news

So a simple everyday tale of country folk, nothing to put you off your aim...


My brain hurts ...

Kristopher, from Oregon.

Miracle cure for meningitis!

I wonder if it works on terminal socialism, I mean, it's not like th sufferers from that need brains anyway?

I trust your wife never complains of having a 'headache' :-)

I was taught to make an imaginary X from their ears to their eyes. This was after watching a pig go running off into the underbrush after being shot in the head with a .22. The second shot was in the right spot and he dropped like a log (he wandered back over to where we were standing about 5 minutes later). It's amazing how well his skull closed up around the bullet hole, which is what I suspect you encountered trying to get the pick-axe out of its head.

Reminds me of a day of shooting Snow Goose in Manitoba a couple of years ago. We load the back of the SUV with about 60 geese, then sat down for a smoke and some coffee.
When we opened the back to put the guns in, two geese flew out of the car.
Naturally, our guns were unloaded.

So, what did you cook that day?

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