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Irrelevant but costly

How the BBC will remake itself to persuade the young to tune in - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

Mark Thompson, the Director-General, announced a radical shake-up yesterday in the delivery of all the corporation's services after saying that the BBC was increasingly seen as irrelevant by younger audiences.

Oh Lord not yet more chasing of the yoof market - it is not just the young who are finding the BBC irrelevant, some of us who are a bit older struggle to think when we actually watched a BBC program, though we do remember the licence fee every month...


It was my youthful stepson who knowing my frustration with BBC radio suggested I listen to Talksport instead for balance's sake. And that was several years ago.

This constant desire on the part of the Beeb (and now unfortunately on the part of the Tories) to be or more likely to appear connected and of the moment makes me cringe.

I have absolutely no idea why but this pseudo- ingratiation reminds me of 70s school discos. The curtains were usually drawn in the hall as it was often still light outside. The RE teacher along with sundry young teachers would have to police these affairs as they wandered around trying to look hip in their sports jackets. Meanwhile the kids were wearing platforms, loons or Bay City Roller outfits and feeling distinctly controlled.

This desire to ingratiate the youth market by both the Beeb and I am sorry to say the Tory party makes me cringe and I suspect will not work. It is reminiscent (I don't know why) of 70s school discos where the staff looked awkward and out of place as the kids shuffled around in platforms and Bay City Roller outfits.

Sorry for double (now triple post).

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