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Dave stamps his pristine Converse trainer shod little feet.

Telegraph | News

David Cameron threw down the gauntlet to Eurosceptic Tory MPs yesterday by declaring that anyone who advocated withdrawal from the European Union would not serve on his front bench.
On the eve of the launch of a pressure group promoting withdrawal, the Tory leader effectively warned backbenchers not to get involved if they valued their careers.
Philip Davies, the Eurosceptic Tory MP for Shipley, will host the launch of the Better Off Out campaign, to which nearly 50 of his party colleagues and two Labour MPs have been invited.
Mr Cameron also unveiled plans to transform the party by ensuring that a tenth of candidates in winnable seats were from ethnic minorities. Addressing parliamentary journalists at Westminster, he made no apologies for setting up a secret group to promote the selection of women by announcing that the new "priority list" of top-quality candidates would have more women than men on it.

There you have it - a firm policy at last from Dave, wrong but at least he seems to have made his mind up about something at last.

But then I also noticed his speech in Norway

"The Norwegian and British people share many characteristics.

A sturdy sense of independence.

An identification with the sea.

A sensible and practical approach to life.

And a distrust of the EU - no sorry, I'm off message again..

"So I want us to get positive about climate change.

Sometimes, it feels as if rational debate on the subject is sandwiched between two extreme and negative views.

The sceptical views of some economists amount, albeit unwittingly, to a suicide note for the planet.

I know all that adding up and actually thinking about rational choices and resource allocation is jolly hard and not the sort of stuff a modern Tory needs to understand...

"To those who say that nothing serious is happening to our climate, I say look at the evidence from where I've just been."

Oh dear - he is now a bloody scientific expert based on on his day trip out...

We are witnessing more and more unusual and unpredictable weather events.

According to the international insurance firm Munich Re, before 1987 there was just one weather event worldwide that caused an insured loss of over $1 billion. Since 1987, there have been 46.

And being a house owner benefiting from the rise in property prices you can't think of any other factor in the rise in insurance claims?

Scientists are fiercely independent people. But on this subject they agree.
They agree not just on the fact of global warming, but on the need for urgent action.

Whoops - not all of them...

It's become fashionable in certain circles to dismiss the Kyoto agreement. That's a mistake.

Really? I'm struggling to remember anyone who isn't a raving Moonbat or on the EU payroll who still believes Kyoto wasn't an embarrassing mistake.

My fourth principle is an enthusiastic acknowledgement of the role of markets.... Normally, I'm all for politicians keeping well out of the way of business.

Hurrah - some sense. But sorry I spoke too soon - he wants the Government to set up the market...

Above all, however, British business and consumers are crying out for government to provide clear political leadership to make green markets work.

Government, as a partner to UK business, is failing to provide the necessary regulatory and fiscal frameworks, appropriate advice, support, direction and advocacy.

Hello Planet Cameron! This is earth calling. Please return and actually listen to some real people.


As someone who has the misfortune of carrying out some consultancy work for DEFRA at the moment, I thought it may be of interest to note that for every EU directive (however pointless) that has a deadline that the UK government does not reach on time (a frequent event), the British tax payer has to pay an "infraction fine" of £20,000 a day… food for thought.

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