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The Lawnmower man

Mr Free Market compalins about the problems of being an arriviste in the countryside and having to mow his lawn - It is not a problem I have; an old boy comes up from the village every week and mows mine. I have never paid him, I presume my dear old dad, who has been dead now for 13 years, did some sort of deal with him but I have never got round to asking what it was and if he is expecting some folding from me some time.


It's probably something fuedal. Don't disturb the ancient patterns of rural life is my advice.


Perhaps Mr. FM has been paying him, and the poor old gent has been turning up at the wrong address.

Perhaps he is keeping good accounts and will deliver his proof of deed with his final mowing.

As the West Country’s highest profile cockney, perhaps when you have time, you could explain to us simpletons that were born & brought up in Somerset, how you get the serfs to mow your lawns for free – come on Englishman … ‘fess up!

I have a neighbor mowing my lawn, too. I never asked him. He just started doing it. Should I suspect his motives?

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