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Icons of England - Misrepresenting again.

Telegraph | News | As English as miniskirts, Big Ben and the Notting Hill Carnival

The Icons Online project, a controversial scheme that is costing the taxpayer £1 million, yesterday added 21 "icons" to the 12 it announced to some derision in January.

Yesterday's new list was "broadly" the 21 most voted for icons suggested by the public since the website was set up in January, although a panel of advisers made some "modifications" to ensure a good geographical spread, Icons Online said yesterday.

The somewhat nebulous nature of the scheme has come in for heavy criticism, notably for being a Government attempt to define England's culture....

Jerry Doyle, managing director of Icons Online, insisted yesterday that the first three months had been a huge success. Almost 300,000 votes had been cast online, some 5,500 nominations had been received and the website was particularly popular with expatriates.

She said: "It's not a popularity contest. We are just trying to paint a portrait of England to encourage an awareness of our cultural identity and so far we feel that it is really capturing people's imagination."

You may remember back on Feb 1st the site had left its stats page open to view, so I did - my report showed that Fox hunting had about 4 times as many views ( which correlated to votes) as the next most popular icon - Morris Dancing.
But strangely it isn't now in the "most popular" list - either the Advisory Board (a bunch of urban Arts Grads - check their CVs) have deemed it unsuitable or Mugabe like voting has been going on in the last couple of months.

The new icons: Flag of St George; Hadrian’s Wall; Notting Hill Carnival; Brick Lane; Lindisfarne Gospels; On the Origin of Species; morris dancing; Domesday Book; HMS Victory; the miniskirt; The Hay Wain; Pride and Prejudice; Eden Project; the pub; Blackpool Tower; Globe Theatre; cricket; Sutton Hoo helmet; York Minster; Big Ben; postage stamp showing the Queen’s head designed by Arnold Machin, in use since 1967

The original 12: Stonehenge; Punch and Judy; SS Empire Windrush; Holbein’s portrait of Henry VIII; cup of tea; FA Cup; Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Routemaster bus; King James Bible; Angel of the North; Spitfire; Jerusalem


In Newspeak, "a good geographical spread" obviously means within a two mile radius of Whitehall.


The Notting Hill Carnival is Afro-Caribean.

Perhaps they could propose May Day, Onion Sellers and Bollywood movies also,

On Mugabe style voting, Devil's Kitchen has coined the term "ZaNuLabour" for this government

To whom it may concern,

Is it possible to obtain a clean copy of your image "George the Great and the dragon"? I have used this image on my website (if this is a violation, I will remove it), and I would like to use it on some business cards. This is a marvelous image for my idea of a Christian Warrior (not to disrespect George the Great), and I would gladly pay for a clean copy of it. Please advise.


Dave Dow

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