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What he said

Telegraph | Money | Business teaches flawed ministers how to behave

For a Government that delights in over-regulating British business, meddling where it shouldn't, this shabby bunch should take a lesson from some of our leading industrialists on how to behave when things go horribly wrong...

It's a depressing example of why the state should run as little of our lives as possible...

I can't better this demolition of the sleazeballs so i just suggest you go and read it.


Ooooh, yes. Jeff [Randall] you're beginning to rise up in estimation

"Now, has anyone in the Labour Party or Government gone over the loans scandal? Or recent education screw-ups? Or the immigration debacle? Or the tax-credit over-payment fiasco? Is anyone likely to go?

Come off it. Ministers love to urge businessmen to clean up their act, but you couldn't trust this mob to clean a kettle."

Ok... you may have just peaked.

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