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That ASI do

As you will have gathered from various other blogs a bunch of us were invited out by the very, very nice people at the ASI to discuss blogging and the media. I thought as a proper photoblogger I would keep a record of the excitement as it happened, and intersperse the reported repartee with insightful comments.
Other bloggers have done the same - the most informative I have seen so far is Blithering Bunny » Blog Archive » ASI night - the aftermath and of course Tim Worstall: Timmy's Baaack!

So I started with a quiet pint on the Terrace of my club - that is Big Ben in the background behind the trees - about 500 yards 30 degrees elevation should do it.

And then to the meeting itself...

This seems to be the only photo and recollection I have of it...

Still the full English in the morning was just right.

Maybe I will never make it as a proper journalist!


You recorded all the important parts, at least.

No fried bread?

there's a crumb on the plate, it's already been eaten!!!!

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