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Farm girls

White Sun of the Desert Well, I'll be blowed!has been researching my old friend Angel Long - a girl from my part of the world - in fact I have blogged about her before. I hadn't realised she has starred in 300 films and I haven't seen one yet...


I saw her regularly in Morrisons last year, She was suffering from a work related injury which given that her speciality is anal sex videos, explains why she had a rather peculiar walk.

Angel and Ashleigh Long both from down your way? Must be something in the water.

Methinks I shall have to spend a few days in Wiltshire next time I'm in Blighty. Purely for research purposes you understand.


Apparently she likes black men.

Very well spoken young lady.

Father must be proud.

--Editor added - When I last heard she was also still happily married and had been for several years...

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