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Reality check at Tesco

Telegraph | News | Tesco gets both barrels for giving hunt snaps too much exposure

A deer hunter who took his photographs to a supermarket for processing was shocked to find himself reported to police.

Although the sport is legal, Tesco gave his details to officers who questioned him for several hours.

Staff deemed photographs of him with his gun and a deer he had shot "inappropriate", although he had broken no animal cruelty or firearms laws.


If venison is more to your liking check out Tesco Finest British Venison casserole. Wild venison in a rich port and peppercorn sauce with carrots, baby onions and roasted button mushrooms is so easy to cook just put into a pre-heated oven for about 40 minutes. Or if speed is essential it can be ready to serve from the microwave oven in less than 9 minutes. That's fast! Simply pop the meal in the oven, pour a glass of wine and settle down for a super supper.

I hope MR FM doesn't use Tesco for his prints...


Well, I hope he sues the arse off Tesco (breach of privacy) and the police. As a law abiding shooter, the police should merely have checked his licence, a matter of five minutes work.
I hope he makes a mint.

We need to think of some transgression we can "shop" our local Tesco store for. (If you'll excuse the pun).

In our part of America, (Wisconsin,) white-tailed deer are more than a nuisance, the're killers, (due to road accidents.) We're at the point where hunters must bag an antlerless deer before they can go for anything with a rack.

The head of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently stated something like, "Without natural predators, there are only two ways to cull the herd, hunters or vehicles." (I much prefer the first choice.

By the bye, does the land of Robin Hood allow bow hunting? There is a bow season in Wisconsin, (separated from the gun season, for obvious reasons,) and I take my hat off to a hunter that can bag a deer with a bow.


You can add rstrictive trade practices to the list of charges. My guess is they did it to try and disuade people from hunting their own venison thus forcing them to buy Tesco's own brand.


White tail deer are the most dangerous large mammalian killer in North America.

Perhaps the deer used in Tesco's venison dishes died of old age, or were suicides.

...or held donor cards!

What surprises me is that anyone still takes their photos in for processing rather than using a digital camera.

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