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Go and enjoy the newspapers over breakfast - it's good news week!

The week from hell for the new Labour project - Sunday Times - Times Online
TONY BLAIR’S government is “sleazy and incompetent” and on its last legs, much as John Major’s government was in the mid-1990s, according to a YouGov poll for The Sunday Times today.

And when you have digested the full range of stories about the sleaze-balls then this final item showing up the pathetic incompetence of boring bandwagon-jumping talentless twats is the cherry on the top!

Telegraph | News | How Coldplay's green hopes died in the arid soil of India


Le Cabinet Gouvernement

Blathering Blair, the Confidence Man

Bung the cash attem Brown, the antigoldbug [old scattercash]

Can't catchem Clarke, the Chief Constables Calamity

Hapless Hewitt the Nurses Nightmare
and of course
Pants Down Prescott, the Planners Plague

For those not familiar with French slang "Le Cabinet" = the sh*t h**s* or b*g h*l*

Greetings from London - were you the one I saw holding the "Next time I vote Mr. Blair, I WILL be sober" sign during the countryside march?

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