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Dave Roberts, the head of UK Border Control Operations for the Immigration Service

Tim Worstall: Your Tax Money at Work points us to an article Martin Kelly: The Great Foreign Criminals Fiasco, Continued: Striking One For the Blogosphere which highlights some very strange actions by Dave Roberts - including:

"“While the convicts were happily vanishing, senior managers from the IND were indulging in an exercise worthy of David Brent, deluded manager of The Office. More than 20 attended a “visioning workshop” organised by RSM Robson Rhodes, the management consultants.

They were told to use “images, words and models” to make flip-chart presentations about how to improve the IND. Some drew smiley faces, one a big umbrella. Another drew a picture of some lips and a hand with the caption “Saying what we’ll do; doing what we say”. If only. Dave Roberts, a senior IND official, wrote the slogan “Migration is good for Britain”.

Roberts, who is known as the “eternal flame” apparently because he never goes out, is head of the IND’s removals directorate. His task is to deport people, not let them in.”

So David Roberts, a civil servant who is neither unimportant nor overly important, is reported to have bullied underlings while also expressing an ideological opinion that might directly conflict with the task with which he has been charged and for which he presumably volunteered."

The flipcharts are online and here is his page for your contemplation:

View image

I wonder what he meant by "Withholding information"?


So this is what Mr Blair has reduced Her Majesty's government to: scrawling gibberish in coloured crayon.

Sometimes I'm really glad I live in the Third World.


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