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Bring it on

Telegraph | News
Global warming a fact (Headline)

Telegraph | News | Most of Britain will enjoy hottest day of year so far

Well it is drizzling here so rather than read this blather I'm off out to finish assembling my Lidl Patio Heater in the hope of drinks on the terrace tonight. I hope it works because it was very cheap for a gas burner, but it is German made and they should know about making this sort of thing, shouldn't they?


The use of gas burners is reserved for Final Solutions only and is dependent upon use having tried other means of control first. One will need to be careful as to whom one invites as there will be those who deny you have ever intended to deploy such machinery and that your parties are works of fiction.

Just out of interest, from 1st January to around mid August, what proportion of days are the "hottest day of the year so far"?

Likewise from then to 31st December being the coldest of the year so far?

It seems that today is unusually warm for the time of year, so why not compare it with typical or even exceptional days in May over the last century.

The headline is one that just indicates something far less unusual. It is misuse of both statistics and language.

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